Golf Mental Game Self Evaluation

Sports Hypnosis is the logical answer for Golfers who want to LOWER their score without using an eraser!

“The only thing worse than looking ahead on the golf course is looking backwards.” Jim Flick

Call Coach William C. Smith, BCH, CI, NGH Certified Golf Specialist, to be your Mental Golf Coach.
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Would You like to experience LESS:
1. Nervousness, Frustration, Angry Outbursts
2. Reactions to external / internal distractions
3. Doubt and Hesitation about your swing and putts
4. Fear or dread of tough shots / holes
5. Negative self talk
6. Concern about what others think
7. Fear of failure or embarrassment
8. Mental Stress / Muscle tightness and tension
9. Performance anxiety when playing with boss, friends, strangers

Does Anger interfere with Your Golf game?

Does Anger interfere with Your Golf Game?


Need more accuracy in Your Golf shots?

Need more accuracy in Your Golf Shots?

Would You like to have MORE:
1. Focus, a Clearer Mind, and greater Consistency in Your putting
2. Confidence in golf club selection and course strategy
3. Commitment / Decisiveness in your shot and Your game overall
4. Trust in Your Instincts / Decisions / Judgment - being able to Trust Your Swing
5. Natural “Feeling” of Your swing instead of going through a mental checklist to see if You're holding Your body just right
6. Positive Self Talk
7. Control over your emotions, good and bad
8. Patience and Control - these are BIG ones!
9. Accurate shots and better putting Confidence

Would You like to STOP:
1. Self Sabotaging Your Game with Doubt and Fear
2. Playing ahead of Yourself in Your mind
3. Carrying bad shots with You to the next hole (in Your mind)
4. Over thinking / analyzing / second guessing Yourself
5. Worrying about things You can’t control or Worrying about home or work while playing Golf
6. Making up excuses or blaming equipment, weather, others, etc.
7. Focusing on where NOT to hit the ball instead of where TO hit the ball
8. Worrying about the “Yips” or Visualizing Your ball going into the water instead of on the green
9. Worrying when You’re playing great that the good streak is bound to end

When Your golf ball finds a hazard, do you see it as an opportunity to improve your game?

When Your Golf ball finds a hazard, do You see it as an opportunity to improve Your Game?


Better Control of Stress and Pressure equals better Golf Scores and Happier Golfers!

Better Control of Stress and Pressure equals better Golf Scores and Happier Golfers!

Would You like to be able to IMPROVE Your Mental Game Skills so You can:
1. Get a clear / vivid picture of the shot You want to take
2. Improve Your Preshot routine and Your mental preshot routine (You DO have a mental preshot routine. Don’t you?
3. Better Control STRESS and relieve Pressure
4. Let go of bad shots and move on
5. Eliminate being intimidated by other Golfers – even though you’re just as good a Golfer as they are (or not)
6. Set better Performance Goals, Target Your shots more Effectively, and Improve Your Greens reading
7. Manage Your Thoughts and Emotions
8. Have greater Consistency in your Play
9. Be better Motivated to be Physically Fit for Your game

Are you like a lot of Golfers who have great Practice shots, but lousy shots during Your Game? And You just can’t figure out why?

Every Golfer I’ve ever talked to has told me there is room for improvement and every Golfer wants to find ways to improve his / her game. And I bet You do too!

Here’s something to think about; there’s no such thing as a perfect game of Golf or a perfect Golfer. Have You ever heard of anyone getting a round of Golf with ALL Holes in ONE? Nope! Not going to happen!

When You’re ready for that Edge that Alpha Process Coaching will give You, let’s talk! I’m ready to help You when You’re ready to be helped. How about starting NOW?

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