Sports Hypnosis is the logical answer for Golfers who want to LOWER their score without using an eraser!

Most golfers prepare for disaster.  A good golfer prepares for success.”  Bob Toski

Call Coach William C. Smith, BCH, CI, NGH Certified Golf Specialist, to be your Mental Golf Coach.
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Here are just a few of the Success stories my Clients have shared with me. These are Athletes just like You who found Success using the tools I taught them. Notice I said “using the tools”. One of the things I teach is that all the tools are useless UNTIL You use them. These people USED them.

And after we’ve worked together to help You play better, whether one on one, as part of a group program, or maybe just with the help of some of my audio programs, I look forward to sharing Your success stories on here as well.

Imagine how excited will You be when Your Golf score begins to go down and You're enjoying the game more!

When is the last time You jumped this high after a really great golf shot?

“Coach Smith I did it!! I got first and second place I fought 9 times!! I was the Eagle coach, thank you so much for helping me and helping me understand that I am a champion!! The Eagle!!” Farmarz Malekshahian
“After working with you, my golf game has become electrified. I’m really into that term you use, relaxed alertness. It just made sense to me. Before when I was putting, I would get all tense and either overshoot the hole or not put enough power into it and have it stop just short. And of course in my practice those shots were so easy. You taught me to relax and be alert at the same time. The YIPS have disappeared. I’ve still got a ways to go on other aspects of my golf, but you have brought my game so much further than I would have anticipated. You really are an expert when it comes to the mental game of golf!” Barry Spencer
“We haven’t met yet. I hope one day of meeting you personally and getting the opportunity for some one on one coaching. I wanted to tell you what a tremendous impact some of your CDs have made in my hockey. I play high school hockey and hope one day to be playing in the NHL. My Father bought some of your CDs and gave them to me. I’ve been using them every night, just as you instructed and I want to tell you, my focus is great and my confidence is soaring, like that Eagle in the CD. You’re the greatest. When I make it to the NHL I want to have you be my personal mind coach.” Kenny Reynolds

“William I think the work I did with you had the biggest impact on my life than anything else I’ve done in the past. You taught me to get rid of a lot of common words and to replace them with words that moved me forward. I’m on my way again! I’m looking forward! I’m making progress. And you were a huge part of the changes I’ve been making.” Paula Sellers
“Just wanted to let you know your program works! I got my first hole in one ever last week. And I thought at my age it just wasn’t going to happen. And when I did, I just couldn’t keep myself form doing a fist pump in the air. I’ve always just played for fun and exercise, but now I’m going to take my golf game more seriously.” Andy Grant

“I was wanting more from my golf game and I came to you a few months ago. I’ll have to confess I was skeptical, but I decided to keep an open mind. I used what you taught me about changing my thought patterns and you helped me establish a good mental preshot routine. At first I didn’t seem to be making any progress. You told me to stay on track and to continue listening to your CDs you gave me as part of the program. The CDs really helped me sleep better and my stress level went way down, at work and on the golf course. And all of a sudden, I noticed I just seemed to feel my swing instead of thinking about my swing. I’ve lowered my handicap by 5! And I’m determined to lower it even more over the next few months. Just think how much quicker I could have done this if I hadn’t been skeptical!” Julie Sommers

“OK when you told me you don’t play golf yourself, I thought what can this guy teach me about golf. I found out you didn’t need to know about golf to teach me to be a better golfer. I was getting in my on way and you taught me how to get rid of those ANTS as you call them – annoying negative thoughts suck – and to focus on positive goals and thoughts instead. I’m even beating a couple of my buddies on a regular basis. Sorry Coach, I’m not going to send them to you, but I am going to recommend to my boss that you come and work with our sales team.” Richard Anderson
“Although I was playing pretty well, my golf instructor wanted me to change my swing. He told me it was all wrong. He just couldn’t understand how I could hit with such accuracy and still have a xxxx up swing as he described it. I began to doubt myself and a friend referred me to you. After working with you I asked myself the questions Am I unique? Am I special? And I realized the answer is YES. Even though my swing didn’t look good mechanically, it was working. You helped me understand having a unique swing wasn’t a bad thing. You had me tune out any negative comments that were causing me to lose my confidence and instead focus on what was unique and right about my swing. It was simply mine and it worked. I may not ever play in the PGA, but I’m playing even better and enjoy the looks I get from other golfers when they see the trajectory of the ball and it lands so often right on target. You told me to play golf the Sinatra way, to do it my way!” Larry Collins
“I don’t know whether to call it a transformation, or an awakening, but you sure did something during our talks. You helped me understand that my thought patterns were what was holding me back. Those simple little words we talked about during our very first session, you know my and the, when I started using them correctly, my golf game has improved dramatically. I know I’ll never be a pro and have no goals of being one, but I plan on winning the company tournament next year and I’ll have you to thank for it. I can’t wait to see the bosses face and my male coworkers.” Linda Phillips
Focus, Confidence, strategy are
all important to Your Golf game!

Do You take the time to line up Your Putts?  Do You have a Target for each shot?

Even Your best friends may distract You.   Is it intentional
or not? It just doesn't really matter when You're focused!

Some people are just down right rude and annoying on the Golf course!  Have You noticed!  Stay focused!

“After working with you, I seem to have an insatiable desire and drive to put the things you taught me while we were working on my golf game into my sales efforts at work. I was pleased that you helped me play better golf, but what I’m achieving in sales just far surpasses that, especially since I work on commissions. I’m planning an open house for some of my core business clients and plan on having you be a speaker. You’ll be hearing from me soon to set something up.” William Davidson
“When I first walked into your office, right away I just felt comfortable. I knew after talking to you on the phone and how you answered all my questions so patiently that you would be the right Coach for me. With the pressure of college and being on the football team, I just felt so stressed and tense all the time. One of the assistant coaches told me about you and I’m glad he did. I’m having my best season ever and fell confident and in control again.” Randy Davis

Coach William C. Smith, Board Certified Hypnotist, NGH Certified Golf Specialist can help point You in the right direction!

William C. Smith

  • Alpha Process Coach
  • NGH Board Certified Hypnotist
  • NGH Certified Instructor
  • NLP Performance Enhancement Coach / Practitioner
  • NGH Certified Golf Specialist

Specializing in:

  • Sports Performance
  • Anger Control Coaching
  • Wellness / Health Programs
  • Group Coaching / Speaking Programs

My professional office is in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex, but I'm available to work with Golfers and other athletes all across Texas, the Southwest, the whole United States, and even other countries. Are You ready to find out how much Your game can improve?

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