Sports Hypnosis is the logical answer for Golfers who want to LOWER their score without using an eraser!

Most golfers prepare for disaster.  A good golfer prepares for success.”  Bob Toski

Call Coach William C. Smith, BCH, CI, NGH Certified Golf Specialist, to be your Mental Golf Coach.
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What determines your Golf score?  How you think!  Your talents, skills, and abilities all go to waste if your mental game is dragging you down.

Here’s an example – the Pavlov mindset – getting a water ball out when you’re close to a water hazard on the course.
Why do 95% of Golfers not improve their game?  Because they only work on their physical game and then mental blocks sabotage them. 

Now you can move into that 5% who are finally ready to get their Mental game on par with the real pros – the less than 1% of Golfers.  You can gain a huge advantage over your golf buddies. Dominate them and smile when they ask how you improved your game!

Pick Your Target!  Trust Your Swing!  Enjoy Your Golf Game More!

Pick Your Target!  Trust Your Swing!  Enjoy Your Golf Game More!

Get Rid of YIPS.  Improve Your Putting!

Get Rid of YIPS.  Improve Your Putting!
What If you were able to:
• Get rid of the “Yips” once and for all?
• Stop worrying about missing a short putt?
• Banish fear and anxiety about hitting a bad shot?
• Hit those long shots straight and true?
• Stop hitting the ground when chipping?
• Water hazards and sand traps no longer acted as a magnet to your golf ball?
• You could begin to win tournaments because your golf game had begun to excel?
• You could smile more while playing golf because you were enjoying it more?  A lot more!
• Your friends begin to comment on your lower scores?

Just imagine what a great feeling of Confidence that would be!  Stop a moment – really – get that feeling and hold it for a few seconds and then continue reading.

That’s what can happen when you start working with Coach William C. Smith -- the Father of Alpha Process Thinking ™ and author of “The Hypnotist Within – Discover the Power of Self Hypnosis” and many self development articles.  He is also the producer of many Self Development products and Advanced Training programs.

Just imagine what a great feeling of Confidence that would be!

Just imagine what a great feeling of Confidence that would be!

Practice does NOT improve Your game if You're only practicing what You do best!

Practice does NOT improve Your game if You're only practicing what You do best!

Imagine More Focus, Consistency, Confidence!

Imagine More Focus, Consistency, Confidence!

Here’s what you’ll begin to notice once you engage Coach William as your personal Alpha Process Coach™: 
• Your mental game will begin to powerfully and positively affect your physical game!
• You’ll be more focused
• Your golf swing will become more consistent
• You will sink more putts with greater confidence
• Fear, frustration, and anxiety will begin to fade away
• Yips will be delegated to the garbage can where they belong
• You’ll find you need to spend fewer hours practicing on the range
• Your score will begin to drop easily and quickly

You’ll learn the real meaning of Bobby Jones’ quote – “Golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course - the distance between your ears.”

You’ll discover:
• You can establish Muscle Memory – where each shot becomes automatic – like being on “cruise control” -- the less thinking – the better your chance of a great shot
• How to stop thinking and let your golf game become a series of natural habits – as easy as brushing your teeth.  You don’t stop to think about how to brush your teeth do you?
• Why practice does not make perfect if you’re practice is only embedding bad habits even more.
• Why mental practice – in the shower, before you got to sleep at night, taking a short break at work, etc. – will lead to better performance on the links.
• How to “pre-program” your shots – by targeting with expectation, thoughtless swing, and follow through assessment
• Ways to get rid of first tee jitters and the fear of embarrassment of missing short putts
• The proper way to replay bad shots and good shots – probably the complete opposite of what you currently do (unless you’re in the top 1% of Golfers)
• Self talk techniques to put a bad shot or missed putt behind you.
• How to relax under pressure.
• Play in the moment -- forget about the last shot or the next shot.
• How to be relaxed and have fun on the golf course, whether it’s just with friends, or an important tournament.
• You'll build the confidence you need to trust your scoring skills in even the most pressure-packed situations.

Learn to Relax under Pressure!

Learn to Relax under Pressure!


When you’re serious about lowering your scores and you have a real desire to build your confidence with consistently great performance on the golf course, you need to contact Coach William and get started on developing your mental skills for a whole new level of enjoyment of the game of Golf!

If it’s between 10 AM and 10 PM (Central time) call now

– 214-754-0021.  Otherwise, send an email and get started – don’t wait!


PS – Why do top sports psychologists recommend Hypnosis for many athletes from all sports – and especially Golfers?  Most Experts agree that at least 90% of a Golfer’s score is dependent on how the Golfer thinks!  Sports Hypnosis Mental Coaching helps a Golfer to maximize that 5 inches between the ears to relax, focus, be more confident, and to have the mind of a Champion!

PSS – if You’re a seasoned Pro or just learning the game of Golf, You deserve every advantage available to You.

PSSS -- My office is located in Dallas, but I have Golfers come from all over.  And I'm available for travel Worldwide.

And if an anger problem is keeping you from playing your best golf, I'm also an Anger Management Resolution Therapist -- I prefer the term "Anger Coach".  You can go to and see how I can help you with that anger problem.

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