My Personal Sports Hypnosis Coaching programs are designed to fit Your needs.  Ideally, in my Dallas / Fort Worth office, face to face is the very best.  I want to see You and read Your body language and facial expressions in order to better communicate with You. 

Of course face to face sessions may not be possible if You live outside my area, but many of my non-local athletes find themselves here in the Dallas area frequently for other reasons and use that as an opportunity to meet with me.  If face to face sessions are not practical because of Your location - we can discuss the possibility of Video Skype Sessions like I do with some of my professional athletes when they're on the road.


And if You're an ELITE ATHLETE and can afford it, then You can arrange for me to visit You at Your home, or even a resort area - a working vacation!


Or if Your time is very limited and You need an intense training program, I can arrange to devote a whole day to You in my office, or Your location.  If it's at a location other than my professional office, with increases in my professional fees.

Sure I don't mind a working vacation.  Cabo, Caymans, Las Vegas, Rocky Mountains - they all work for me.

Sure I don't mind a working vacation.  Cabo, Caymans, Las Vegas, Rocky Mountains - they all work for me.

This picture is one I took on a "working" vacation assignment in the Cayman Islands.

Some Sports Performance Hypnosis NLP sessions may be with Video Skype Sessions in special circumstances. Dallas Fort Worth William C. Smith Board Certified Hypnotist

YES – I’ve worked with professional and college athletes from out of the area during their off season and even have worked with them when they were here playing against Dallas teams. 

After the initial session, some of my ELITE ATHLETES utilize Video Skype Sessions and I can even be put on retainer to take Your calls in off hours, like after the game.  I'm a nightowl anyway so it will work easily for me.


You can see more about how Dallas / Fort Worth Hypnosis Video Skype Sessions work by clicking here.

Some sessions may be with Video Skype Sessions instead of in my Dallas / Fort Worth office - in special circumstances.

The first session is approximately two hours.
During the first part of the session, we will get to know each other.  We will discuss the reasons for Your sessions – the changes You want to create.  And we'll talk about the Commitment You want to make to make those changes! 

I will be explaining how my Personal Coaching will help you achieve those changes.  You will also get a better understanding of how Your Conscious and SubConscious Minds should be cooperating instead of in conflict.
And then, we'll be doing the "formal" relaxation part of the Hypnosis that everyone enjoys so much!
Subsequent sessions, whether in person, or by phone will be approximately 45 minutes to One Hour in length.
We will discuss Your Progress, which tools Your using You were given in Your previous session, and how I can best help You during the current session.

Use Sports Performance Hypnosis NLP to get Your SubConscious and Consious workign together - Dallas / Fort Worth

Dallas / Fort Worth Sports Performance Hypnosis NLP will help get Your Conscious and SubConscious Minds Co-Ordinated instead of in Conflict.

The first three to five sessions, I recommend to be scheduled weekly.  After those, I recommend we go to every two weeks.  And of course, I'll accommodate Your schedule during Your playing season and the off season as well.

For optimal results, I also recommend You send me an email 24 hours before each session.  In the email tell me about; current concerns, breakthroughs since the last session, new goals objectives for the upcoming session, and questions You might have for me. Together we evaluate Your progress, assess areas still needing attention, and if necessary adjust the plan.  Your positive self talk and motivation is stressed with each session.




Sessions are paid for by credit card, check, or cash. I accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.  If we do phone sessions, You pay Your own telephone costs to call in for Your sessions.

Unlike other Coaches, I do not require a long term commitment from You, nor do I use contracts for my Coaching practice.  Although most of my Elite Athletes find it advantageous to continue our sessions - to stay Focused and Confident. 

I like to keep it simple – for You and for me!  Because I treat people with courtesy and respect, I expect the same of others.

You can save money by purchasing a number of sessions in advance at a discount.

When You call for Your FREE consultation, we can discuss
my professional fees for my sessions at that time.

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