Meet the Coach / Hypnotist

Coach William C. Smith at confernce table - Board Certified Hypnotist specializing in Sports Performance Hypnosis NLP Dallas Fort Worth
William C. Smith, Sports Hypnotist

Alpha Process Coach  --  NLP Practioner
Board Certified Consulting Hypnotist
NGH Approved Instructor
NGH Convention Faculty Member:
Four consecutive years
Anger Management Resolution Therapist
Corporate Trainer -- Speaker  --  Author
Always a Student of Self Improvement
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and before 10 PM Central Time
Dallas / Fort Worth Professional Office
Coach William C. Smith Board Certified Hypnotist specializing in Sports Performance Hypnosis NLP Dallas Fort Worth on vacation in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Coach William C. Smith is the solid gold standard in Sports Hypnosis.   Coach William is one of the nation’s foremost experts in the field of Sports Hypnosis and Personal Development.  He provides strength of purpose to help you achieve the goals and dreams you want and deserve to have in your life as an athlete and your personal life as well.

He has helped transform the mental game of many athletes, from many different sports  – high school / college / professional / amateur -- to higher levels, as well as helped coach them with profound changes in their business and personal development.  His coaching is sprinkled with his down home humor and cutting edge insights.

Coach William believes an athlete is more than just his or her sport.  Drawing from his training and experience working with athletes of all ages and skill levels, he shows you precisely what it takes to move beyond your present level .  He teaches techniques to “take charge” of your SubConscious Mind and train it to help you succeed, rather than sabotage your goals.

Here are some of the areas Coach William will help you:
•  Maximize your Mental Competitive Advantage over competitors
• Create a Winning with Excellence Mindset
• Create and Hold a Championship Vision of your Goals
• Teach you the difference between Potential and Performance (here’s a hint, according to Coach William Potential is useless.  Performance is priceless!)
• Be a Champion in your sport (and your Life) with Passion and Commitment!
• Take your Goals and turn them into a workable Personal Achievement Game Plan
• Learn to Minimize crippling stress and fear turn them into Motivators for your Life!

On the surface, Coach William appears to be a very low key, calm, laid back individual, but when you get him talking about the work he does with athletes, the excitement and enthusiasm for his life’s work becomes contagious.  He even shares his personal game plan for achievement and success.   He provides candid insights from his own experience as a corporate executive, business owner, entrepreneur, and student of the mind to help you go beyond potential to higher performance levels to live a successful, fulfilling life.

Coach William is the Father of Alpha Process Thinking ™ and author of “The Hypnotist Within – Discover the Power of Self Hypnosis” and many self development articles.  He is also the producer of many Self Development products and Advanced Training programs.

He believes whether it’s negative thinking, concerns about poor health, challenges to your success in your life, fears, lack of confidence, stress, or other obstacles that are holding you back:
• You CAN turn negatives into positives!
• You CAN  position yourself for
          o positive outcomes
          o reach your goals
          o and move forward with personal self development. 
• You CAN learn, and utilize the power of positive Self Talk
• You CAN learn how to make stumbling blocks into stepping stones to your Success
• You CAN learn how to leverage stress and obstacles into motivation and results
• You CAN balance your professional and personal life and enjoy both!
• You CAN learn strategies to break down barriers in your life
• You CAN get ahead and stay ahead of those who don’t use Alpha Process Thinking ™
• You CAN develop and implement an ACTION Plan to succeed
• You CAN conquer past limiting beliefs / fears and perform on even higher levels.

Memberships, Certifications, Credentials:
  • Anger Management Resolution Therapist
  • National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • NGH Nationally Certified in Sports / Stage / Forensic / Complementary Medical Hypnotism
  • NGH Certified Golf Specialist
  • Board Certified Member National Guild of Hypnotists
  • Certified Hypnosis Instructor through the National Guild of Hypnotists
  • Diabetes Motivation Coach, Certified through the Diabetes Research Association of America, Inc.
  • NGH Certified Instructor: Emergency Medical Hypnosis / Pain Management Hypnosis/ Self Hypnosis Instruction / Stress Management Hypnosis / Sales Hypnosis
  • Guest Speaker U.T. Southwestern Medical School, Medical Uses of Hypnosis
  • Workshop Presenter for Olympic Trials Track and Field National Summit, SMU—Sports Performance Enhancement
  • Radio interview guest, author, keynote motivational speaker

There are over 12,000 members in the NGH, representing 73 countries. One person receives the Charles Tebbets Award and around ten are inducted into the Order of Braid Council each year.

Coach William C. Smith receiving the Charles Tebbets award from Dr. Dwight Damon at NGH Convention

At the 2011 NGH Convention Coach William C. Smith was honored to receive the Charles Tebbetts Award for "spreading the Light of Hypnotism". And he was also inducted into the Order of Braid Council

Coach William C. Smith inducted into the Order of Braid Council by Dr. Dwight Damon at NGH Convention